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• Last Updated: 07/22/2020
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How to use the Track Delivery feature in the cPanel?


The “Track Delivery” feature in cPanel makes it possible for users to keep track of their outgoing and incoming messages. Its simple interface and filter options allow clients to easily find messages and see whether they were sent, received, or if either of those processes failed for some reason. In this tutorial, we will go over this functionality and guide you through its options and how you can use it to troubleshoot email issues! Let’s begin!


Getting Started

For a start, you need to log into your cPanel account. If you are not sure how to do that, please follow our tutorial on How to access the cPanel service.

Once logged, please use the search field on the top and type in “Track Delivery” to filter out all the features and find what you are looking for!


cPanel Track Delivery Feature


Please click on the “Track Delivery” icon to get redirected to the respective page. 


Using the Track Delivery Feature

As soon as you land there, you will notice a text field on the top along with a few buttons on the right. Beneath it, there will be a huge table section that will be populated with sent and received emails.

If you want to see the results for only a specific recipient or sender, you can insert the email account inside the text field and press the “Run Report” button. The “Show All” button will clear the text field and automatically return all the results, while the “Show Blocked & Failed” will clear the text field and only display the blocked and failed messages.

On top of the table section, you will also notice four checkboxes. At least one must be active at all times so that the section can include any records - the rest of them can be either ticked off or on, based on the type of emails you are looking for.


Track Delivery feature Email reports


Let’s go over all the columns and explain what they mean.

  • Event - This column will contain the outcome of the message - Received, Rejected, Deferred, or In progress
  • From Address - This column will display the email account from which the email was sent.
  • Sent Time - This column will show the exact time and date on which the email was sent.
  • Spam Score - If you have Spam Filters enabled, this column will include the spam score of the incoming messages.
  • Recipient - This column will display the address of the recipient to whom the delivery attempt was made.
  • Result - This column will show the result from the action (send or receive). If the result is something other than Accept - the exact issue will also be listed here as well.
  • Actions - This column will always contain an exclamation mark icon, which, upon being clicked, will open a popup window displaying the above information, along with other details concerning the email’s status. We will list the ones that may be useful to you below: 
    • User - This line will show the username from which the email originated. If you are the sender, this will be your cPanel username.
    • Sender Host - This line will show the hostname of the server which sent the email. 
    • Sender IP - This line will display the IP address of the server that sent the email.
    • ID - This line will show the message ID. It could be useful if you are checking the Exim log.
    • Delivery Host - This line will show the hostname of the server which received the email. 
    • Sender Host -This line will display the IP address of the server that received the email.


Track Delivery Additional Email Details


This pretty much covers all the information regarding the “Track Delivery” functionality under cPanel. As you can probably tell, it’s quite simple but contains essential information that you can use to your advantage and catch emails that are not sent or delivered.


As always, we have a team of experienced technical specialists willing to help you fix any issues you may experience with the mail service on HostArmda. If you see a problem with your emails and you are not able to figure the issue out through this feature, please be sure to contact them via the ticketing system in your Client Area.



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