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• Last Updated: 02/15/2022
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JetBackup 5 Interface overview

With the new version of JetBackup 5, a lot has changed. The old, somewhat straightforward interface is now gone in favor of a complex but more flexible one. In the following lines of this overview, we will give you a general tour of the JetBackup 5 interface to be more fluent with it when you need to restore a backup. 


Accessing JetBackup 5

To use Jetbackup 5, you will first need to access the cPanel service for your web hosting account. Please locate the JetBackup 5 icon within the “Files” section of features and click on it. 

Accessing the JetBackup 5 feature in cPanel

Alternatively, you can use the Search feature of the cPanel service to directly search for the JetBackup 5 feature. 



You will be redirected to the “Dashboard” section of the JetBackup 5 feature where you will be presented with different options and shortcuts to choose from when managing the backups for your web hosting account. 

General overview of the JetBackup 5 Dashbaord


At the top center section, you will be presented with general statistics for the backups of your web hosting accounts presented in the form of three cards.

General statistics section


In the first card, you will find the “New Alers” details. This information will help you ensure that there are no errors with the backups generated for your web hosting account. 

In the second card called “Total Backups”, you will find general information for the number of backups that we have for your web hosting account. That number can vary depending on the web hosting plan that you are using with us. 

In the third card called “Total Account Usage”, you will find information for the general disk space usage of your web hosting account. 

Next, right below the statistics section, you will be provided with the “Restore & Download” section. In it, you will find shortcuts for all the backup types that we generate for your web hosting account. 

Restore and Download section of the JetBackup 5 Dashboard


The restore options in this section can vary based on the used web hosting service. Generally, you can find the following restore options:

  • Home Directory - You can use this option if you need to restore any files of your web hosting account.  
  • Cron Jobs - The cron jobs restoration will allow you to restore any cron job you have deleted. 
  • Databases - Use this option if you would like to restore any database of your web hosting account. 
  • Database Users - Use this option if you would like to restore any of the database users you might have deleted. 
  • DNS Zones - This option will allow you to restore the DNS zones for your web hosting account. 
  • Certificates - With this option, you will be able to restore the SSL certificates for your domains if, for example, you uninstall some. 
  • Email Accounts - In case you have deleted some emails, you can use this option to restore a whole email account from a previous date. 
  • FTP Accounts - This option will allow you to restore deleted FTP accounts.

The next section in the JetBackup 5 dashboard is the “View & Manage” section. In it, you will find two options - “Manage Account” and “Queue”.

The View and Manage section of the Jet Backup 5 dashboard


The “Manage Account” option will allow you only to set up an email account used by JetBackup 5 to send notifications or in case of an error for the generate backups. 

The “Queue” option will provide information for any ongoing backup restores (their current status or any restoration errors). 

That is it. You are now up to speed with the new interface of JetBackup 5. Of course, this is only the home page of the tool. More information about how to restore different backups with it please find in the additional tutorials in this category!

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