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• Last Updated: 02/14/2020
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How to select the Visual Theme for your website built with HostArmada Website Builder


The HostArmada Website Builder works by allowing you to build a website around a predefined visual theme that you can choose from the list of themes provided in Builder. No matter if you would like to build a simple website with a plain design or a professional-looking business portfolio, you will always have to first select a visual theme before you can perform any further modifications. In this tutorial, we will show you how easy it is to choose a theme and to apply it to your website. 


Accessing the available Themes 

In case you are just starting with your website, the HostArmada Website Builder will prompt you to select a theme before you can take any further management actions. If you already have selected a theme and you would like to change it, you are free to do so, however, you should note that changing the already selected theme will cause all content, visual modifications, and configurations you have applied to be lost.

No matter which of these two scenarios you cover, you will always end up choosing a new theme. To do so, you will need to access the pages where all the visual themes are listed. It is available in the "Themes" option contained in the left vertical menu.


Accessing the Themes page


When you click on the link, you will be redirected to a brand new page where you should see a list of all the available themes the HostArmada Website Builder has to offer. 


Choosing a Visual Theme for your website

To choose a visual theme for your website, you will need to look into the provided list of visual themes. Each theme is visually represented as a block on the page with an image. If you have already selected a theme for your website and you are here to actually change it, the current theme your website is using will be shown first in the list with a slightly bolded lower border.


Currently used theme


Before you can choose a new theme for your website, you can review additional "Details" for each of the themes by simply hovering over the theme's image. A "Details" button should appear on top of the theme's image which you should click in order to receive more information for the theme as well as to access a Demo of the theme. 


Browsing theme details


If you have chosen the theme you would like to use, please click the "Activate" green button displayed on the bottom of each theme block.


Activating a new theme


After doing so, the Website Builder will either replace the currently used visual theme or directly apply the selected visual theme in case you have never selected such before. When the chosen theme has been downloaded and imported in the Website Builder you will be provided with a message indicating the successful operation at the top of the page as well as with a direct link which you can use to "Visit site". If you have not selected any theme previously, you will be redirected to the standard page where you can edit your website and with that, the selection of the visual theme for your website is completed. 


Managing the visual theme for your website is extremely easy as long as you remember that each time you select a new theme the content of the previously chosen one will be removed. Of course, if you have added any Blog Posts, Categories, or Tags, those will be preserved since they are not considered as part of the design for your website. In case you are facing any issues with the visual themes feature of the HostArmada Website Builder, please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Crew for further assistance on the matter.


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